Mr. Syed Amjad Hussain
Group Head-I

Group I - Growth, Production and Output

Theme: Improve farm productivity, production diversity and resource use efficiency.

The remit of Group would be to actively seek and develop an effective synthesis of the farm and non-farm constituents of the rural economy. The objective is to view the rural economy in an integrated and holistic perspective, pursue rural agglomeration and focus on drivers and/or constraints limiting broad based, sustained growth. Focus of the group includes factors of production (land, water, labor, capital) and sectors of production (crops, livestock, fisheries and forestry). The Group would engage in input/output modeling; adoption of improved technologies; returns to factors of production, economic and financial returns on investment, cost- benefit analyses, resource pricing, value addition analysis; natural resource management, production management, animal husbandry and climate change adaptation would also be studied along with other relevant research activities which would extend across the spectrum of diverse rural economic activity encompassing agricultural and nonagricultural commodities, industrial processing, and services sectors.