Dr. Qaiser Rafique Yasser
Group Head-II

Group II – Institutions, Markets and Inclusion

Theme: Develop value chain, link producers with emerging niche market, enhance income diversity, and improve food security.

The twin focus of the Group would be on i) the catalytic role of markets and institutional mechanisms in economic exchange and their efficiency in resource allocation and ii) The extent to which certain economic actors (or groups) are systematically excluded from, or are unable to avail of transactions, and are constrained from benefiting from opportunities of trade and access to certain goods and services. Inclusion, therefore, is a key element of the Group's agenda. The scope of work of the Group would entail research on rural enterprise and entrepreneurship; Rural employment; Wholesale/retail markets; Financial services, intermediation/branchless banking; Domestic trade and commerce (esp. with respect to inter and intra district/province) national/local marketing and distribution channels, National competitiveness and exports; Impact investing business clustering and SMEs; Law –its jurisdiction and applicability (esp. customary/sharia law) contract enforcement and entitlements; Community driven development and social capital; rural aspirations, livelihoods and common interest groups; food security, vulnerability and social protection; microfinance and asset transfers.