Dr. Faisal Anwar Malik
Group Head-IV

Group IV: Translating Research to Policy

Theme: Improve policy formulation, design, enactment and implementation through inclusive and consultative processes.

The scope of the Group is central to the work of the CRE. It would play a bridging role in overcoming the present disconnect between research, evidence and policy formulation; and endeavor to crowd in relevant stakeholders to inform and recommend either a new policy, a revision or amendment in existing policy or its repeal and/or reform. In that advisory and advocacy role, the Group will engage extensively with national and provincial legislatures, elected officials, national/sub-national public authorities/agencies as well as research institutions and establishments. Agriculture, trade, taxation policies and subsidy regimes, rural finance and investment, urban-rural terms of trade, employment and productivity, poverty and vulnerability (especially its rural incidence and severity) are of some of the key areas of potential interest and relevance for the CRE. The Group is also envisaged to perform the technical backstopping and facilitation role. It will act as the information hub of the CRE. It is proposed to be equipped with a state of the art GIS lab. Real time use of geo-referencing and positioning as well as satellite imagery would be integrated and mainstreamed in all research activities. Additionally it will be responsible for maintaining information and statistical databases and management information systems in a fully automated IT based environment, for use and access by the other groups and researchers of the Centre. The second function of the Group would be documentation, dissemination and communication and media interface on the output and outcomes of its work. Event management would also lie within the ambit of the Group.